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The Garza Garza Family Tree

"Entre los individuos, como entre las naciones, el respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz"

(Among individuals, as among nations, respect for the rights of others is peace)--Benito Juárez


"De mil colores es el azul del cielo y de la mar

De mil sabores el chile y el nopal

Con mil canciones el trio y el mariachi llenaran

De mil perfumes la flor del alcatraz

Miles de gentes van hasta Guadalupe en procesion

Miles de voces cantando el mismo son

Dice un poema que en Mexico a la orilla de un palmar

Dos arbolitos juntitos naceran


Guerrero, Chiapas, Oaxaca, Sinaloa y Potosi

Hidalgo, Puebla, Jalisco y Nayarit

Y si en Durango en la noche te pica un alacran

Una chamaca te besa en Culiacan

Cuando millones de mariposas van a Michoacan

De mil pirekuas se llena zin zun zan

Cancion mixteca nostalgia de Sonora a Yucatan

Los Mexicanos no deben olvidar


Sones, Huapangos, Corridos y Rancheras se nos van

Flores amuzgas ¿Cuando regresaran?

Huichol, Tarasco, Mixteco, Tarahumara y Otomi

Las tradiciones deben sobrevivir

Noche de Muertos,

Del arbol de la vida partira una paloma hacia la eternidad

Por tantas cosas que van haciendo el sueño realidad

Mexico lindo, no te podre olvidar"---Luis Cobos



Tamaulipas, Mexico: Santa Rosalia, Camargo, Miguel Aleman, Ochoa, Mier, Reynosa 

Texas, USA: Rio Grande City, Roma, Mission, McAllen, San Juan, Robstown, Houston


Welcome to the Garza Garza Family Tree.  I hope that the information provided in these web pages serve as a learning experience to all generations.  As I was growing up, I would hear comments that we were of German decent.  I often pondered on this and as I began the research of my family tree, the name of Marcos Alonzo Garza del Alcon from Monterrey, Nuevo León México appeared.  Apparently, Marcos Alonzo Garza del Alcon (Marcos Alonzo Garza Y del Arcon Falcon) was the forefather of many that bear the last name of Garza, de la Garza, Falcon and Treviño. He was the son of  Marcos Alonzo and Constanza de la Garza and was born in Lepe, Huelva Spain, between 1540 and 1550.  The city of Lepe which is in the region of Andalusia was, during the medieval period, the trading place for commerce and a point where the three cultures met: Muslims, Jews and Christians. Books say that the Garza surname first appeared in Galicia and Gipuzkoa which are regions northwest and north of Spain. Marcos came to New Spain (Durango) to serve in the military but even here in New Spain there was and still is a mystery as to why his children never used the last name of Alonzo. "A man by the name of Hernando Alonzo financed and aided Hernan Cortez in his actions.  After the conquest of México City, Hernando Alonzo, a well known Jew in the New World, was becoming too wealthy and powerful, and thus a threat.  Hernando was burned alive under orders of the Inquisition.  While there has been no link between Hernando Alonzo and Marcos Alonzo, it is believed that Alonzo was a last name associated with the Jews and the name may have been changed for protection". It is also believed that Marcos took his family to Monterrey because there were other families with Jewish roots that had settled there and the Treviños whom Marcos married into were known to be converts from Jews to Christians.  As I am writing this last sentence, I'm asking myself, is the last name Garza of Jewish background and how did Marcos know that the Treviños were of Jewish roots? With that in mind, are we of Sephardic decent? Was there a coding system that the converts use to be able to recognize each other? If indeed we are of Jewish decent then which tribe are we from? What would have be our Jewish last name?

The Garza Garza families mentioned here were from the Santa Rosalia (viejo), Camargo, Miguel Aleman, Ochoa, Mier and Reynosa regions.  Marcos Alonzo Garza del Alcon son Blas Maria de la Garza Falcon-Treviño married Beatriz Gonzalez Hidalgo and had a great grandson named Capt. Blas Maria de la Garza Falcon who was born in 1712.  In 1749, Capt. Blas was in charge of colonizing the South Texas region. This may be the reason of why the Garza surname is so abundant in that area.

I began my family tree by interviewing different family members on both sides of my paternal grandparents: Maria Emilia Garza and Asencion Garza.  Maria Emilia Garza's family tree begins with Guillermo Garza and Conrada Garza and Justo Alanis and Victoria Reyna. Asencion Garza's family tree begins with Froylan Garza and Leonides Garcia and Francisco Garza and Cenobia Garza.  Bits and pieces of the family tree are missing; however, it is my wish that with the advent of the computer and with everyone's help I can fill in the missing gaps.  I hope that any errors found in these web pages are minimal and are corrected with your help.

This web site is dedicated in loving memory of those gone before us and to my father Armando Garza. Throughout the years, whether the occasion was family gatherings, weddings or funerals, my father would always introduce me to his aunts, uncles and cousins.  As a youngster, I did not realize the importance of meeting different family members and now as an adult, I value and appreciate everything that my father has passed on to me.  Dad, this is for you.  Thank you and I love you.

I would like to thank Otila (Tila) Garza Sanchez, Elizabeth (Betty) Sanchez Garza, Margarita (Mage) Garza Juarez, Raul Garza, Amanda Garza, Lucila Garza Mendiola, Elda Lopez, Ada Gomez, Bertha Gomez Quintanilla, Idolina (Lolita) Leal Garcia, Simon and Rogelio Leal, Umbelina Garza, Hector Solis and Francisco (Paco) Garza for providing information and pictures on the Garza family.  Thanks to them, I have the majority of the family tree.  Lots of time and effort has been devoted to this project.  I hope that everyone enjoys this piece of information as much as I have enjoyed working on it.

Any questions or suggestions, please contact me, Armandina Garza, at the following e-mail address: or text message at (713) 907-8717.



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