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Photo Album: Anacleto Garza's Family


Front Row: Oscar and Guille

Back Row: Cleto, San Juana and Lucila



Lila, San Juana and Lucila



Front Row: Roel and Oscar Lopez

Back Row: Guille, San Juana, Lucila, Cleto and Oscar



Front Row: Mana, Lucila and Tola

Back Row: Guille



Front Row: Cleto and Mana

Back Row: Lila, Lucila and Guille



Lt to Rt: Lila, Lucila, Tila, Yaya and Mana



1st Row: Lila, Tola, Tila and Mana

2nd Row: Flavia and Cheli

3rd Row: Oscar



1st Row: Canti, Timmy Lugo and Manina

2nd Row: Tola, Tila, Flavia, Mana and Lila

3rd Row: Amanda, Oscar and Cheli



Front Row: Lila, Tola, Tila and Mana

Back Row: Lionel, Timmy, Pepe and Mona



1st Row: Mana, Lila, Oscar, Flavia and Tola

2nd Row: ??, ??, Juan Oscar, ??, Melissa, Yaya, Oscar and Amanda

3rd Row: Pepe



Cleto and Oscar Lopez



Cleto and Oscar Lopez



1st Row: Gracie's daughter

2nd Row: Roy and Manina

3rd Row: Temo, Cleto, Amanda and Gracie's son

4th Row: Licha, Alfredo Jr., Gracie and Sylvia

5th Row: Norma, Jaime, Chava, and Maria Esther



Front Row: Beto, Norma, Manina, Roy and Temo

Back Row: Maria Esther, Chava, Jaime and Alfredo Jr.





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